Our Story 

LyfeRoots began when an industry nutritionist Egzona Mak (BSc Hons. MSc) decided that the three main categories to health were Mind Body and Nutrition. This was based on her own journey and experience. It was after half a decade of working in the industry and one day having a life changing meeting with a fundamental person in the industry of health and well being that LyfeRoots was born. The goal of LyfeRoots is going back to our roots and utilising Mother Nature through what defines health: Mind, Body and Nutrition.

Our Philosophy 

              "Less is More" 

We truly believe only sourcing the best ingredients for our products and by using the most bio-available forms in the recommended doses. We correlate the most natural ingredients as part of our ethics and ethos of the brand. We offer no artificial ingredients in our supplements. Each one capsule offers the correct dosage of nutrients in the smallest capsule available which makes it easy to swallow. 

Our Belief 

              "Mind Body Nutrition" 

We have specifically formulated and crafted our products with the goal of being a supplement of the most bioavailable vitamins and minerals in the recommended doses. Our products are created to be consumed a healthy diet, as we do not believe that supplements should be used instead of food but instead in addition to a varied diet. Each of our formula has added botanicals known to support overall health. Our Mind Body Nutrition complex will give you the overall 3 in 1 effect in our unique dissolvable capsule.